SIU Students to Cuba during President Trumps Administration

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - While most students are out on summer break, a dozen of students at Southern Illinois University will be taking a Summer exotic trip to for an incredible learning experience in Cuba.

The students say there are furthering foreign relations by traveling to Cuba,

The SIU Global Seminar Study Abroad class is headed to Cuba on Wednesday, May 30. It's a three week course focusing on U.S. Cuban History and International Law.  Honor students, undergrads and some graduate students are going.

The students say they are going to make a difference.

"So I am really interested in interculturalism and exploring Latin America history, and she thought that this trip would be a great way for me to further my education in that," Senior Honors Student, Erin Woolard, said.

In addition, SIU Law Student, Elizabeth Reynolds says she is trying to get a part of the US-Cuba relations solutions.

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"We've had a horrible relationship with Cuba for many many many years, decades. and if we can heal that, I think we both could benefit," Reynolds said.

Students went on this trip back in 2016

Two professors, Dr. Melinda Yoemans and Dr. Cindy Buys serves as the chaperones for the trip. They will be gone for nine days, returning on June 9.

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