SIU students get to ride Saluki Express to St. Louis, Evansville

SIU students get to ride Saluki Express to St. Louis, Evansville

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - SIU students will soon be able to ride the Saluki Express to St. Louis, Evansville, Indiana, and a number of other places at no additional cost, according to the university.

Beginning June 11, Rides Mass Transit District will be the provider for Saluki Express.

As part of the agreement, students will get to ride for free to Marion, Harrisburg, Murphysboro and other local and regional destinations. It is funded by student fees.

Community riders will be able to purchase passes from RMTD on the buses.

Lori Stettler the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs talked about the benifits this will provide to SIU students.

"I think it will really help our students," said Stettler. "One student in particular told me that he was having to buy Grey Hound Bus tickets to drive back and forth to St. Louis. Being able to use rides mass transit, he'll be able to do it buy just using his student fees. it will provide them an opportunity to be more engaged in the Southern Illinois areas."

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SIU students can download and print a QR code, tied to their Dawg Tag number, by visiting That code will allow them access to the buses. An app will be available soon.

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