Over one hundred military medals remain unclaimed at IL treasurers office

Over one hundred military medals remain unclaimed at IL treasurers office
A nonprofit organization is looking at several locations in St. Clair and Madison counties to provide tiny homes for homeless veterans.(Source: KFVS)

(KFVS) - Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs would like to remind military families, the treasurer's office holds more than 100 military medals that have been surrendered as unclaimed property.

The medals, typically forgotten inside a bank safe deposit box or abandoned at a storage facility, were surrendered to the state treasurer's office after there had been no contact with their owners for at least five years.

"Memorial Day is a time to honor the sacrifices of our military members and their families," Frerichs said. "These medals are a daily reminder of the sacrifices that others have made for our country. No action would give me a greater honor than to continue our successful efforts to reunite these medals with their proper owners."

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Since 2015, Frerichs has returned five Purple Heart Medals, along with other military medals and paperwork.

Military medals are never auctioned and are kept until the owners or family members are found.

If you think the treasurer's office may be holding a medal belonging to you or a loved one, visit www.illinoistreasurer.gov/ICASH.

The Illinois treasurer's office is the custodian of any unclaimed property including lost bank accounts, insurance policy proceeds, and forgotten safe deposit boxes.

Because thousands of items are surrendered each year, residents should check I-Cash every six months.

Frerichs' office never charges money to search for unclaimed property.

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