Touching a bird nest can get you in a lot of trouble

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Bird nests are common this time of year. But what do you if a bird takes up residence at your home or backyard?

Lloyd Nelson with Jackson County Animal Control said it's something you have to get used to.

"We constantly get wildlife complaints and one of our famous complaints this time of year is what to do about nuisance birds, or what people perceive as nuisance birds," he said.

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"If you have a bird nesting in a particular spot that creates a negative impact your lifestyle, we ask that you to try and live with it until they fledge or leave the nest," added Nelson.

Live with it - because according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service it's illegal to remove nests while there are eggs or young in the nest. However, once the baby birds leave the nest, then you can remove it. Nelson suggests everyone be cautious.

"It wouldn't hurt, sounds like a little overkill," Nelson said. "But it wouldn't hurt to wear a mask if you are going to remove the nesting material from your house and/or remove the fecal material that the young birds may have left behind."

So, the birds are have all flown away and you removed the nest, but how do you keep them from coming back?

"Buy yourself some cheap helium balloons or some owl decoys in some cases they use, or hawk decoys," he said. "Or, make a mobile which is silhouettes of some of the raptors, the hawks, the owls and supposedly that deters the birds from returning and nesting."

You do need a nuisance permit to remove the nest, otherwise, it's a violation of the migratory bird treaty act.

"If at all possible, the big key here is to learn to live with them and they'll be on their merry way, Nelson said.

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