Carterville, IL resident thankful for bottled water after water main break

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Staff with the city of Carterville helped residents by handing out bottled water at the Community Center on May 18.

Dozens of people were waiting several hours to get their free case of water, but when the truck finally arrived about 500 cases of bottled water were unloaded.

Ezekiel Brown and his fiance have an apartment in town and still don't have their water in their pipes.

Brown says they rushed to the store by a good supply of water when the initially heard, but thankful that additional supplies are being donated to get them through the weekend.

"So, today when I heard that they were giving away free water we could use that water to shower with, and to be honest with you it kind of feels like man how privileged we are as far as being American citizens that we are actually taking bottles of water and just pouring it over ourselves," he said.

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A boil advisory is still in place for the city of Carterville for anyone that does have running water.

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