Graves Co. joins KY opioid pouch disposal program

Graves Co. joins KY opioid pouch disposal program
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanuinetti joined officials at the Human Service Center (HSC) in Peoria (Source: Pixabay)

MAYFIELD, KY (AP) - Attorney General Andy Beshear was in Mayfield on May 15 announcing that Graves County is joining his office's Opioid Disposal Program.

Representatives from six County-based organizations include Graves County Schools, Duncan Prescription Center, Graves County ASAP, Office of the Graves County Commonwealth's Attorney, Graves County Sheriff's Office and Graves County High School Students Taking On a Promise (STOP) program.

Residents can place unused medication into the pouch, filling it with warm water, waiting 30 seconds then sealing, shaking and disposing of it in normal trash, according to Beshear's office.

"We are well aware of the nearly epidemic problem in the eastern part of our state and we are determined to stem the tide of prescription drug abuse before it grows out of control in our county," said Sheriff Dewayne Redmon. "This program is a big step in doing that. If we can cut off sources for people to obtain these highly addictive substances, then we are well on our way to controlling a problem that has already adversely affected many, many families."

"I am pleased to join with Sheriff Redmon and our partners, the Graves County School District, Graves County ASAP and Duncan Prescription Center, to help provide these opioid disposal packs," said Commonwealth attorney for Graves County, David Hargrove. "Proper disposal of opioids helps prevent abuse of these drugs, theft of unused drugs and even unintended overdoses by those who are addicted. This program provides a tool that puts us on the frontline of fighting back against prescription drug abuse."

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The organizations will work with Beshear's office to distribute 500 disposal pouches. The pouches will allow residents to dispose of up to 22,500 unused opioid, according to the Attorney General.

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