Bugs, pest return as it warms up outside

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - As the weather warms up, bugs and pests make their return.

Chris Horrell at Bug Zero in Cape Girardeau says the number one problem he's seeing right now arer ants.

Pest control experts say this time of year, ants are looking for a warm place to stay at night that has plenty of food.

Horrell says there are things you can do to prevent ants from taking over your home.

"There are some small things you can do to kind a help with ants," he said. "One, is to make sure as people start mowing yard now and stuff not have grass trimmings up against the house.  Have proper drainage, they like moisture so if you have moisture, making home a little more proactive for, they like those warm moist areas."

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Horrell says this is also the time of year when termites start returning as well.

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