British family grows record-setting vegetable garden

The Forteys grow giant veggies in their backyard in Wales. (Source: CBS)
The Forteys grow giant veggies in their backyard in Wales. (Source: CBS)

(CBS) - A British family is sowing the seeds for a super-sized garden that's already producing some record-breaking vegetables.

Kevin Fortey and his 11-year-old son, Jamie, are digging up dirt and hoping their prized carrot tips the scales.

The Forteys grow giant veggies in their backyard in Wales.

"You know, Usain Bolt is the world's fastest runner and we're excelling in our sport, which is giant vegetables," Kevin Fortey said.

They compete in agricultural contests showcasing large leeks, rotund radishes and one zinger of a zucchini.

Their pepper weighed three-quarters of a pound and won World's Heaviest Chili. Their 7.5-foot radish, including its root, was the longest ever. Both veggies are in the Guinness Book of World Records.

"I think we have the giant veg gene in our bodies, really," Kevin said.

It turns out green thumbs run in the family.

Back in the '80s, Kevin's father, Mike, was down at their local pub when he came up with the idea for a giant onion and pumpkin competition.

Little Kevin and his brother got in the act and the idea grew and grew and grew.

Now, Kevin's son Jamie works the land.

"Since I was about three, I've been helping in the garden," Jamie Courtney-Fortey said.

They cross-breed seeds from previous years and sometimes trade seeds with other growers to try to get them as big as possible. After 15 months of carefully cultivating their carrot, Kevin and Jamie do the unearthing.

A carrot that weighed in at 14 pounds.

The world record is 22 pounds, but this carrot, so this carrot fell eight pounds short. Still, it's impressive when compared to a store-bought one and makes the Forteys even more determined for next season.

The giant vegetables are edible. Fortey said there are about 4,000 giant veggie growers around the world who sare their information on social media.

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