Carbondale mobile food vendor restrictions causes popular bagel stand to branch out

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Most people who have been around Carbondale long enough know about the incredibly popular Winston's Bagel Stand. However, since new ownership last October, the bagel stand hasn't been doing business in the city.

It was purchased by Brad Preiss and his wife and is now named Winston's Bagels by B-Rad. It can be found in many of Carbondale's neighboring cities like Herrin and Marion according to Preiss.

Preiss says Winston Mezo, the original owner, was selling bagels on Carbondale's strip for so long that he was grandfathered into the spot where he set up shop.

So Mezo didn't have trouble doing business in the city. However, Preiss says the agreement Mezo had with the business he operated out of did not extend the offer to him when he took over.

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Right now, to operate a mobile food vending business in Carbondale you need either a permit to operate on private property from the owner.

Another option is to operate in one of the few public areas the city allows for food trucks like the town square, Turley and Attucks parks, and the Superblock-Sports Multicomplex.

In a city council meeting on Tuesday, May 8th, city council members discuss lifting some restrictions to make it easier for food trucks to operate in the city by letting them operate on public sidewalks and such. The council did not vote on anything and was split on the issue among its members.

When Preiss started operating the bagel stand, he said operating under those conditions didn't make much business sense for the cost of leases and permits in the city, so he went elsewhere with less restrictive rules.

After operating in other cities for the past several months, he says business is doing so good they are in the process of getting more carts and training new employees to expand the operation.

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