ISP: Stay in the right lane unless you are passing

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - With summer travel season approaching, law enforcement reminds drivers to pay close attention to traffic laws.

Specifically, those who find themselves driving in the left lane.
The big question is...when you're driving on the interstate, which lane do you mostly drive in?

"I like to stick to the left side so I can get ahead of everyone," said driver Dee Sadzewicz.

While another driver, Sean Daly, said, "I'm going to have to say the left...because the right lane is really really rough and it wears on your tires."

"If it's a multiple lane highway, you got to stay in the right-hand lane unless you are passing," said Illinois State Trooper Greg Miller.

As summer travel increases, Illinois State Police want to keep the road rage down by enforcing drivers to drive in the right lane. 
The left lane is supposed to be used for passing, but every so often you catch a slow driver in the left lane.

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Daly said, "It bothers me when somebody is in the left lane and they're going 65. I guess my biggest pet peeve is when someone is driving really slow in the left lane and I need to pass.

The law says when you are on a highway, the left lane is off limits unless you are passing another vehicle, other exceptions include: 
1.When no other vehicle is directly behind the vehicle in the left lane
2. When no other vehicle is directly behind the vehicle in the left lane
3. When snow and other inclement weather conditions make it necessary to drive in the left lane
4.When obstructions or hazards exist in the right lane
5. When a vehicle changes lanes to comply with Sections 11-907, 11-907.5, and 11-908 of this Code
6. When because of highway design, a vehicle must be driven in the left lane when preparing to exit
7. On toll highways when necessary to use I-Pass, and on toll and other highways when driving in the left lane is required to comply with an official traffic control device; or

8. to law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles engaged in official duties and vehicles engaged in highway maintenance and construction operations.

ISP reminds drivers they have a big responsibility behind the wheel.

"Our ultimate goal is to just to make sure everybody gets to where they are going safely," said Trooper Miller.

If you get caught in the left lane when you're not supposed to, ISP said you could get a warning or even a ticket.

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