Pink Up - Pajama Party

When you are fighting cancer, every single day can be a celebration. One more day to live, one more day to fight and hopefully one day closer to beating it. This month the celebration continued at St. Francis Medical Center in the form of a pajama party for survivors.

Dancing, massages, manicures and new hairstyles...for many women this adds up to a great night. For these women, this celebration is a bit sweeter.

"Our purpose is to help women stand together when they have a diagnosis of cancer," said Maryann Reese, CEO and VP of Saint Francis Healthcare System.  "Everyone was invited to bring a friend tonight to our pajama party and really what that represents to us is it takes a lot of support for anybody who has cancer."

And the support is evident. On the outside, these women look gorgeous and happy, but the smiles are masking the inside fight.  Fights like Judith Coomer's fight, whose fight began with a serious car wreck that ended up saving her life.

"They thought I was fine except for my breast," said Judith Coomer.  "I had no idea at all that I had cancer."

Her fight started in 2011.

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"My first surgery for this I had to get two stents put in and then I had the mastectomy," said Coomer.  " I said somethings not right so then we had them do a CT scan and that's when we found out the cancer was back," explained Coomer's daughter.

Surgeries, radiation, chemo...Judith says there's an obvious reason she's still here.  "This is the best friend I have, said Coomer.  Judith's support runs even deeper than the support from her daughter.

"I told God please let me stay here long enough to come to this because it is so much fun," said Coomer.

"Support is fun and you can hear people laughing and talking and having someone that loves on you like we are doing tonight, or having a friend that you can depend on when you are sick is really important to the healing process," explained Reese.

This event is the first annual pajama party and they hope this new tradition carries on for many years.

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