5/8/18 - Big Ideas

By Chris Conroy
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

Have you ever seen video of those big foreign fashion shows and thought, "who is actually going to wear that?"

One of the points of those fashion shows is to spark creativity and show what the possibilities could be.  Often times the things we actually wear are derived from these bigger than life ideas.

This is a concept that the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce understands. As part of the Leadership Cape program, people from across the community recently had the chance to hear several proposals from this year's leadership class on how to make our community better. Five committees made suggestions on how to use our local resources and create parks, restaurants, museums, and other attractions to make Cape Girardeau a destination location for family entertainment.

Some of the proposals are outrageous.  Some are understated.  Some just won't fly.  But some are great concepts. They all foster creativity and spark ideas.  And just like those big fashion shows, the ideas have to start somewhere, and you never know when the ideas will take hold and become a project that everyone can get behind.

My challenge to you is to listen to these big ideas and see if you can help make some of them happen! Don't pass up the chance to create a new park, revitalize a part of your town, or create a family friendly event that will make your community better. And why stop there?  The possibilities are endless.

Having an open mind, hearing new ideas, and putting our heads together to make ideas happen makes this A Better Heartland.

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