McCracken Co., KY officials warn of phone scam on toll fees

McCracken Co., KY officials warn of phone scam on toll fees
Officials warn residents of phone scams (Source: KFVS)

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The McCracken County Sheriff's Department is warning people of a scam out of Paducah, Kentucky.

Officials said the scam involved unknown people calling residents of the county and stating that they are with the North Texas Toll Association.

The scammers tell victims that they have unpaid toll fees that must be paid or they will have a fine. But, officials said when the scammers are confronted with a complaint by the victim they say they made a mistake on the vehicle registration and no longer continue the scam.

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The sheriff's department officials are asking residents to be cautious when they receive phone calls from government agencies or government associated businesses.

They said it is unlikely that they will attempt to collect fines or fees by phone without a letter in the mail. Officials advise that victims attempt to verify the information given by callers and if you still have doubts, call your law enforcement agency.

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