Kennett, MO first responders to deal with extra minutes on jobs

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - When someone needs medical assistance in an emergency, seconds truly matter - and can be the difference between life and death.

In Kennett, Missouri, first responders might now have to deal with extra minutes added to their jobs as they save lives.

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Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center announced it will no longer offer in-patient or out-patient or emergency care starting Aug. 1.

The medical center is consolidating, and for those who are trusted with getting people to the emergency room, they now have to travel farther.

"I'm concerned for the community and county as a whole, it affected more than just Kennett," said Fire Chief John Mallott.

He said that not having the emergency room here in the city, that crews have farther to travel, but that also means a longer time to get back.

"Without the local hospital, our ambulance is going to have to travel further to deliver the patients which could cause us maybe to have limited ambulances available, he said. "And, that's why on our end we're working and meeting and seeing what we can do to improve that."

It's that extended time that has Mallott concerned.

Part of the discussion will be with Medic one Ambulances. They are the contracted ambulance for Dunklin County.

"We aren't going anywhere, we're here for the people of Dunklin County, we're going to be here,' Director Chip Mann said.

"The Emergency medical system is a system to save a life and that's what we're going to continue to do to the best of our ability, said Chief Mallott.

Mann and Mallott said they will work together and try to find the best option, but for no,w Mallott is hoping there's some sort of replacement for the hospital.

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