Many crowned at special pageant in Scott City

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - The 6th Annual SE Missouri Angels Pageant took place in Scott City with dozens of participants in a Frozen themed setting.

Any boy or girl from newborn to 105 years of age with a special need was welcome to come on stage and show everyone the beautiful angel they are.

One mother tells us it was her daughter's fourth pageant and that has really helped her connect with more people over the years.

"Now she's able to get out and do some things on her own and not be as scared and get so anxious and full of anxiety that she can't cope," Tammy Kiplinger said. "Now she copes better."

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Her daughter Tandra said she loves to participate in this event and feels comfortable. However, it has been a hard road for Kiplinger to get to this point.

"She's had a very hard path," Kiplinger said. "It took years to really get a full diagnosis for her and to get her the help she needed. So now, it's just good to see her more settled and looking at getting out and doing things that she normally wouldn't do."

It's progress for her daughter to get out in front of people where she didn't earlier. Kiplinger said it's nice to be in an atmosphere that is so welcoming for these kids.

"It's very nice and sometimes, like I'm doing right now, I get a little teary-eyed because it can be hard for them to get in front of people they don't know and things that are different,"

Kiplinger added. "It's a real accomplishment for her to get up there and do this. She loves taking that crown home!"

Every participant was awarded a crown.

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