Residents gather in Kennett to voice opinions following hospital consolidation news

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - Residents gathered at the Kennett city council meeting on Tuesday, May 1 to express their concerns following the news that Rivers Regional Medical Center will consolidate operations with Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center.

Not only is the medical center one of the biggest employers in the area, but residents are worried about what happens when they need emergency services.

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The council switched up their normal routine and allowed for public comment first as opposed to at the end of the meeting.

Most people shared their comments and said that the hospital is important while others talked about future plans for what might replace it, but overwhelmingly people are not happy with this news.

"Why did we have no warning," asked one concerned citizen. "Those people who own the hospital knew months ago they were considering this."

"You got to have something here whether it be a big hospital or a small hospital we cannot let this community go down without one," said a Nurse at the hospital.

"We have took care of some of you when your lives depended on it, and we succeeded" added another nurse. "Now we need you to help us... Help us. Thank you…"

The community asked the council to help them out.

The mayor laid out a few things that they're doing to help those who lost their jobs, but as far as a new hospital goes he says he's going to weigh every option and go from there but he's not sure what they can do.

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