Gas prices highest in 4 years as National Bike Month kicks off

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - According to AAA, gas prices are the highest they've been since 2014 at a national average of $2.81 a gallon as of today.

Here in the Heartland, people are starting to feel it in their wallets at the pump.

At the same time, National Bike Month started on the first of May, aiming at getting people to live a little more green by biking to work while getting a little extra exercise on the side.

For people who already try to commute by bicycle, like SIUC grad student, Nichole Szczepanik, the price of gas isn't as hard a thing to accept, but she still notices at the pump.

"I hadn't even looked at the prices because what am I gonna do I'm gonna buy it anyway," she said, "but yeah when the final tally went up, I was definitely a little surprised."

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In the city of Carbondale, a whole month of bike-related events are scheduled. Things kicked off today at Southern Illinois University Carbondale's Student Center, where faculty from the school's bike repair shop, Saluki Spokes, offered tune-ups for free.

Ron Dunkel is a coordinator for Saluki Spokes and the school's craft shop, who thinks the benefits to riding a bike when you would normally drive have more benefits than just saving gas money.

"There's just all the reasons in the world to ride a bicycle," he said, "you know financially and physically it's just the way to go."

During the rest of the month, Carbondale has plenty of cycling related events going on around town, including bike to work week between May 14th and 18th.

If you want to know more about Bike Month events in that city, click here.

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