Warmer temps mean dangerous pest, tick season

(KFVS) - These rising temps mean a rise in the tick population and we want to make sure you know how to protect yourself and your family from these potentially dangerous bugs

"When they are looking for a meal, they'll climb a tall piece of grass and they'll just hang out there until they sense a meal coming by and then they will basically jump and latch on," said Bridget Jackson with the Missouri Department of Conservation.

She said there are three main types of ticks we see here in the Heartland; the lone star tick, the American dog tick and the deer tick.

Those types can all carry diseases like Lyme Disease and forms of Spotted Fever.

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If you do find yourself with a tick bite, Tanya Rodenwald, with Southeast Pediatrics said you should watch for these symptoms, "Fever, local irritation to the bite itself and any rashes that are developing would be along the lines of rocky mountain spotted fever."

"It's important to check all over the body, especially in the hair because they can be hard to see and all the different crevices that you wouldn't think... they really like to be in the darker areas."

She warned ticks can also find their way into your home by hitching a ride on your furry friend.

Veterinarian Anne Seabaugh said there are tons of options for protecting your pets but even then it's good to check for ticks regularly.

"Inside the ears of dogs, kind of in their armpits or the flanks also kind of under their tail that nice soft tissue ticks like to take bites on."

All the experts said if you do find a tick to remove it carefully with tweezers and monitor for symptoms for at least two weeks.

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