Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reminds against political signs on Kentucky right of ways.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reminds against political signs on Kentucky right of ways.
source: KYTC

(KFVS) - A reminder from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, political signs and other advertising signs are not allowed on state right of way along Kentucky Highways.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews are faced with the task of removing illegal signs.

Crews from around the region have fielded complaint calls and have added the removal of illegally placed signs to their list of maintenance activities.

Any sign, regardless of its purpose, is not allowed to be placed on state right-of-way unless otherwise permitted.

Illegal signs interfere with highway maintenance operations, create a safety hazard if hit by mowers, and present a safety hazard for motorists by blocking the view of oncoming vehicles.

The edge of right-of-way is generally indicated by the placement of utility poles or fence lines.

In the case of most limited or controlled access highways, right-of-way edge is indicated by fence lines.

Essentially, any area that would normally be mowed by state crews or contractors in summer months is part of the right-of-way, even if it is commonly mowed by the adjacent property owner.

Homeowners in urban areas with curb and gutter should keep signs behind sidewalks.

Between now and the May 22 primary election, highway crews will be clearing highways of illegal campaign signs and other advertising.

They will also be picking up signs in areas that have work zones for normal highway maintenance activities.

Candidates and residents who support them are reminded that signs will be removed.

Signs that are removed will be held for 10 working days at the local state highway maintenance facility and may be picked up at those locations by a representative of the candidate or business with proper identification.

Unclaimed signs will be discarded after 10 days.

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