Scammers use similar tactics, techniques with all callers

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - The McCracken County Sheriff's Department is alerting people to the nature of scams and how to spot them.

Officials said constant theme in these scams are that the scammer asks for payment by Green Dot Money cards or other prepaid money cards such as iTunes. These scams usually run several thousand dollars at a time in several small amounts totaling $250-$500 at a time according to officials.

They said the latest scam involves a local business who received a call from a person stating that he was the Chief Financial Officer for that corporation. Details of this scam include information about the business being surveilled by the United States Marshal Service due to the US Currency in the business being counterfeit.  The scammer demands that the business place all of the funds on Green Dot Money Cards and call the scammer back with the numbers on the cards to transfer the counterfeit funds to ensure that the funds in the business were not counterfeit.  The business complied and sent nearly $1500 in Green Dot Money Cards to the scammers.

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Officials said these scams happen to people from everywhere and scammers use fear, intimidation, and are usually very demanding of the victim.

The scammer often calls multiple times and supervises the transfers of the funds according to officials.  This direct and demanding demeanor creates a sense of urgency in the victim, and it prevents the victim from calling anyone else to seek advice on the matter and question its legitimacy.

Anytime anyone approaches you online, or by phone claiming to be with any corporation, US Government agencies, family members in distress, or any other circumstance, you should consider it a scam and contact your local law enforcement agency.

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