IV Accident

IV Accident
By: Wendy Ray

A recent health story we aired on Heartland News really hit home for Chandra Petot of Perryville. The story involved an IV accident where a baby could have bled to death. When Chandra was just two years old, an IV accident almost cost her to lose her left leg from the knee down.

Playing basketball is something that at one time Chandra didn't know if she would be able to do. When Chandra was just two years old she was taken to the hospital for an ear infection, requiring an overnight stay and an IV. The IV wouldn't stay in her arm so it was put in her left foot. The vein was missed and Chandra's family soon discovered her foot was being burned from the inside out.

12 years and seven surgeries later Chandra's doing better, but she remembers all too well what she's been through. Chandra's last surgery was just four years ago. "The whirlpool treatments and the physical therapy are painful. I remember the pain a lot,"

Chandra was told she would never be able to play sports, that hasn't stopped her, but she's not able to do everything she would like to do. "I can't play soccer. I can't run track. They won't let me do cross country, but I push to do as much as I possibly can,"

Chandra still has to watch her foot carefully. If it's hit a certain way she can get hurt, and she has to take ibuprofen regularly. Chandra knows she's lucky; it could have been a lot worse. "I just hope to be a good role model for everyone and let them know that if they get hurt they still have hope. Don't think negatively,"