How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster
By:  Jason Lindsey


Cape Girardeau, MO -- Our region has opened its arms wide to the folks affected by Hurricane Katrina, but what if a disaster like Katrina hit the Heartland?  Would you be prepared?


Experts say, a comparable disaster to that of Katrina is a major earthquake and it could happen in our region, especially since the Heartland is home to the New Madrid Fault.  According to the American Red Cross if an earthquake were to happen today, most wouldn't be prepared.


How to Prepare


Cape Girardeau Emergency Management Director, David Hitt tells Heartland News the key to surviving a disaster is preparation.


Hitt says, "You need to have a plan, you need to have a disaster supply kit and that needs to contain food, water, shelter, and clothing."  Hitt also points out not to forget special items, "Special items are things that you normally wouldn't think of such as baby formula if you have kids, an extra set of glasses if you wear glasses, and any kid of medicine." 


Why Prepare?


The bottom line, New Orleans is the perfect example of why it's important to make plans to take care of yourself just in case a disaster happens right here at home.


September is actually national preparedness month, which means there's no better time than now to prepare for the worst.