4-year-old Murphysboro girl beats cancer

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - A story of hope and faith captured hearts across the Heartland for more than seven months.

The determination and spirit of Blakleigh Lipe is clear, she said, "I'm done with cancer and I beat its butt."

4-year-old Blakleigh Lipe bravely fought cancer and her family shared the good news with Heartland News.

The then 3-year-old was diagnosed last year with Stage 3 Liver Cancer, or what she calls "The C-Monster"

During the journey, her mother Casi Camden said there were some tough times.

"She asked me…she said, 'Mom am I going to die?' And I just was thinking -- what in the world! If you believe in God Blakleigh and you go to church and really think He can heal you…it's going to be fine."

This week, the doctors in St. Louis delivered the good news – Blakleigh is officially in remission.

"There is a God and I wish that everybody could really like just see it and wake up and see that if you just follow in Gods path, he'll take you wherever you need to go because that's what he's done for us."

Blakleigh was so excited to kick C-monsters butt, that she wanted to show her battle scars. Pointing to the indelible mark of her journey, she said,"That's where the C monster had in my belly..."

Camden said Blakleigh is back to her kid-self--playing and swinging and even dressing up.

The Make a Wish Foundation is sponsoring a trip for Blakleigh and her best friend to go to Disney World.

To follow Blakleigh's story click here.

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