Cape Girardeau clothing store helps empower women

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A boutique store is helping women out in more ways than just selling them clothes.

Dyme Boutique is a store in Cape Girardeau that provides clothing for women. It also helps provide those women to feel empowered and better about themselves.

"We are pointing out those positive elements that women have," Dyme Boutique COO Latara Scott said. "We feel like women can do anything."

Two women first had the idea for this business in September of 2017.

"We were both at a point in our lives where we were going through some life changes and hard times," Dyme Boutique CEO Amy Tyus explained. "We tend to lean on each other. We've been best friends for a long time."

They wanted to change their lives and decided to start a company for the purpose of helping other women feel better about themselves.

"Making them feel special. Making them feel worth that they can wake up and choose to be happy everyday," Scott added. "It's a choice! It's a choice to wake up and be happy."

Tyus said when women feel beautiful and confident then they are beautiful. Therefore, they try to help their women customers embrace their beauty and help them grow in confidence.

The company even provides photo shoots and a video every month for a person that needs some extra help.

"Knowing that they're standing there and feeling beautiful and they are on top of the world at that moment, that makes it all worth it for us," Tyus said. "One month at a time we are just empowering women and building confidence."

Tyus said it's so much more than just selling clothes.

"We wanted to give back," Tyus added. "We wanted our customers to feel involved and part of the brand. It's our way of giving back."

Tyus said they have already helped out several women in helping to achieve more confidence and boost their happiness.

They have already shot and created four videos highlighting these women. The video is a full production shot and edited by BeastUp Films with the help from marketing and branding company Area 42.

One video shows four women who symbolically take charge of their life by finding and focusing in on issues they might find hard to face head on. They end up shooting plates that represent divorce, low self-esteem, domestic violence, infertility and sexism.

"It's a moment for her to shine," Tyus said. "That small spotlight that we put on her for that short period of time sometimes is all a woman needs for that confidence boost."

Scott said that the movies show that they can wake up each day and destroy everything that attempts to take them down.

"In the movie you'll see that we're shooting at targets like divorce, domestic violence, anything that try to destroy women," Scott said. "People look at this and say what does this have to do with clothes? But it's not really about the clothes."

For Tyus and Scott, they are already selling their line of clothes on their Facebook page and their website. They have also recently moved into a brick and mortar location in Cape Girardeau on Plaza Way in the Town Plaza area.

They are planning to open their doors this May.

They are also planning on holding their first summer fashion show on June 30th.

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