Lawmakers react to airstrikes in Syria

Lawmakers react to airstrikes in Syria

(KFVS) - Lawmakers representing the Heartland respond to the airstrikes in Syria in response to the most recent chemical weapon attack.

Sen. Dick Durbin

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin responded to the airstrikes and said, "I supported President Obama's decision to retaliate when Assad first used chemical weapons. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to authorize that action but only two Republican senators would publicly support it, and without congressional support, President Obama did not proceed."

Sen. Durbin also commented on President Trump's authority to use military force without congressional approval.

"President Trump's action still raises the constitutional question of his authority to unilaterally attack another nation without congressional authorization," said Sen. Durbin. "It is time for Congress and the American people to engage in a national debate about that authorization to use military force in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen."

Sen. Ro Blunt

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt support the decision to join the U.K. and France in the airstrike.

"President Trump, along with our allies, organized the right response to Bashar al-Assad's horrific chemical attack," said Sen. Blunt. I commend the swift action on the part of all the military forces that carried out this mission. I support this effort and believe the president has the full authority to take these actions."

Sen. Tammy Duckworth

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth also comment on the recent strikes in Syria.

"The world cannot turn a blind eye to the Assad regime's repeated use of illegal chemical weapons against their own people," Said Sen. Duckworth. "Violations of absolute, unquestioned international norms, like the prohibition on the use of chemical weapons, must be confronted by the entire international community."

Sen. Duckworth would also comment on President Trump lack of congressional approval.

"While the President rightly consulted our allies, I am also particularly alarmed that the Trump Administration did not first seek Congressional authorization for these strikes despite having ample time to do so, leaving these strikes on questionable legal ground,' said Sen. Duckworth. "Article I of the Constitution gives Congress the responsibility to authorize military action."

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