Heartland Gas Stations Run Out of Gas

Heartland Gas Stations Run Out of Gas
By:  Ryan Tate
A Heartland gas station owner watched as her tanks ran dry Wednesday. Other stations ran into similar problems.
According to station owners, there are problems with the gas distributor in Scott City. That means some stations are out of gas, while others are close to that.
"Hopefully we'll have enough to last through the night but we might run out," Ron Carter said. Carter owns a station in East Prairie. His station had prices at $2.69, while another station in town listed regular unleaded at $2.44. There are a wide range of gas prices in the Heartland, with $3.09 at a station in Charleston, and a reported $3.19 in Ellsinore.
One station clerk in Sikeston says they won't run out of gas, but says they were forced to pay $2.98 from the distributor. They are now selling gas at $2.99.