MO Secretary of State visits Safe House and library in the Heartland

. - Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft visited the Heartland on Saturday. 

Ashcroft said he's a big supporter of Safe Houses for women and also wanted to check up on a couple facilities in southeast Missouri counties.

"These women shelters and other shelters are very important in that work of protecting these individuals, allowing them to get back on their feet and getting their finances and families in order," Ashcroft said. "Letting their children live in harmony and understand what it really is to grow up in what a true relationship is like so they can get out of that situation."

While in Cape Girardeau visited the public library in Cape Girardeau and said he wants to stay proactive in visiting and helping these facilities. 

"We are taking individuals and unlocking their potential," Ashcroft said. "The libraries about whoever may walk through those doors. We have resources and materials. It's about education, opportunity and the future."

Ashcroft recently named Robin Westphal of Livingston County as the new Missouri state librarian. 

He said he has a passion for libraries and feels it's necessary to stay up to date with the library facilities in southeast Missouri and what the needs are. 

Overall, Ashcroft feels that it's more effective to understand what the needs are if you visit them yourself rather than working solely in an office. 

"As an elective official you can get your message out on TV and radio but you can't listen," Ashcroft added. "I don't think anyone in a position like this could ever do the best job possible if they're not getting out and listening to individuals."

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