Farm near Matthews, MO hit by strong winds, community cleans up damage

MATTHEWS, MO (KFVS) - A farm east of Matthews, Missouri has extensive damage from Tuesday's severe storms, but the surrounding farm community has already stepped in to help clean up the property.

From the sound of whirring chainsaws cutting trees and limbs that had fallen to the sight of an excavator peeling off tin siding from destroyed storage sheds.

Just 24-hours after Myron Hawes' farm took a direct hit from yesterday's storm, he is amazed by the amount of progress that his friends and neighbors have made helping out at his home off Highway FF.

"All of sudden it was a barrage people coming by and calling. 'What can we do?'" he said. "30-plus people showed up with chainsaws and equipment to help and it's very humbling."

Dan Jennings, a local farmer and longtime friend of the Hawes family, said it's refreshing to see the comradery of some many people working in unison to help a family in need.

"It's very heartwarming here today to see this many people out just doing what needed to be done," Jennings said. "Everybody probably could've been somewhere else but they chose to be here."

Hawes, his wife Marla, and their dog were the only ones home when the storm hit and took cover in an interior bathroom where they felt the pressure of the winds hitting their home and heard things breaking outside.

Luckily no one was hurt but they did lose part of their roof and quickly acted to stop the rain from pouring in.

"You don't think, you react," said Marla Hawes. "He went to check on his parents next door and I started to find anything to contain the water and it filled a trash can."

At this point the family is still assessing all of the damage, need to talk to their insurance adjusters and says it could be a while before things get back to normal.

"The rebuilding process is going to be an ongoing project for months," Myron Hawes said.

Farmers volunteering their time to help said they plan on coming back to help the Hawes family with more clean up and starting their growing season, and they're very grateful for the outpouring of support.

"It's farmer helping farmer. It's neighbor helping neighbor. It's what our world should be," Marla Hawes said. "I wish everyone wouldn't experience disaster, but that they would experience what we're experiencing. Seeing the love, the compassion, the caring, the time and the tool."

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