People Worried about Families affected by Hurricane

People Worried about Families affected by Hurricane
By:  CJ Cassidy

Seeing the images of the destruction from Katrina on your TV screen can be disturbing for us all; especially for those who have loved ones in the middle of it all.
We've taken numerous calls and e-mails from those waiting to hear from family and friends across the South.
Cape Girardeau Patrolman Jason Selzer's spent countless hours trying to track down his family in Slidell, Louisiana.
That's close to New Orleans, and the pictures and reports he's seeing out of Slidell are grim.
"Someone said Slidell was wiped out by water. That's where my aunt and uncle were, and we're hoping that's not true," Selzer says.
Cape Girardeau resident, Liz Maguire, knows exactly what Selzer's going through.
"It's so frustrating when there's no phone service, and you can't get a hold of the police," she she twists a tissue in her hands.
Maguire's not only worried, but a little upset her mom and other family in Biloxi, Mississippi, chose not to leave before Katrina slammed the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
"A lot of them are older, and have been through hurricanes. They've been through Category 3s, so they felt the structure they were in was safe," she says.
Some of Selzer's family members did hit the roads long before the damaging winds and heavy floods took over their hometown.
"They're not only worried about other family they're also worried about whether they have a home to go back to and if they do if anyone has broken into it," Patrolman Selzer says.
"The structure my aunt lived in survived Hurricane Camille, so I'm hoping and praying it was a sound structure," Maguire says.
Like Maguire, Selzer too hopes his loved ones steered clear of the brunt of the storm.
"You feel helpless. As a police officer, you're here to help people, so when it's your immediate family you want to be there to help them, but instead of being there you just have to watch and wait with everybody else," Selzer says.
Both Selzer and Maguire say they're trying to keep their hopes up, even though they admit it's hard.
Some of Maguire's family loaded up a truck with food and other supplies, and are now on the road to Mississippi.
They say they'll let us know when they get any news of their loved ones.