Sunshine energizes the Heartland after rainy week

It's been 8 days or 192 hours since we've enjoyed a sunny day in the Heartland, and after non-stop rain, it was the taste of dry Spring weather that everyone was looking for.

Brigid Farnham, the mother of two boys who are seven and five years old,  said they have been out of school since Tuesday and that Friday's sunshine was a necessary gift after a tense week of not being able to let her two sons play outside because of the rain.

"When I woke up this morning I felt more awake and more alive," Farnham said. "We couldn't wait to get out the door. Everybody seems to sleep better that night when you get outdoors. It's just kind of liberating, you can run and play and be loud and jump and the kids are enjoying it to."

Alyssa Chapman had work off this week but was stuck inside doing chores because of the gloomy stretch of wet weather.

"It's almost like Groundhog day the movie," Chapman said. "The rain just keeps coming, it's like is this ever going to end? So the sun is very refreshing and I'm thankful for it."

Chapman said she couldn't wait to get out and enjoy the sunshine take her yellow lab Elle for a walk around Capaha Park in Cape Girardeau.

"They say sunshine is good for your brain. It helps the hormones in your brain balance out," Chapman said. "I feel that. I'm a person that is very sensitive to the things I eat and how I feel, so when I get enough sunshine and enough healthy foods I feel my best."

Chapman is also encouraging other people to take a break from their electronics and get outside to enjoy the next sunny day.

"lose the chores because this is going to be the only day you get some sunshine, and enjoy nature, trees, fresh air, the birds are singing. Get out and about. It feels good. It's good for your heart, mind and your soul."

Friday's dry, sunny weather was also good for business and has allowed construction workers to be more productive.

A crew building the new remodeled Kidd's gas station on Broadway street in Cape have been dragging equipment through the mud most of the week and were limited to the types of work they can do.

David Mirgeaux, the job site superintendent says the off and on rain for the last month and a half has made things difficult with their schedule, but when the sun came out today it put some extra pep in their step.

"The block layer can only work when it's dry and if it's damp out you don't want to be welding with basic electricity," Mirgeaux said. "(On Thursday) it rained from what 7 a.m. until night, and today when we come to work the sun's out, and you can't beat that. Everything is going so well today."

Mirgeaux is hoping the rain stays away so they can finish the roof of the gas station in a few weeks.

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