Businesses prepare as Big Muddy River rises

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - Friday was a nice break from the rain, but the Big Muddy River near Murphysboro, Illinois continues to rise, and the rains this weekend will bring more water flooded areas.

Big Muddy River levels are forecast to reach eight feet above flood stage, but still 10 feet below the record level. However, Dr. Charles Koehn, the owner of Aardvark Animal Clinic is struggling with a water problem right now.

"Every five to eight to 10 years it can get this bad…we'll just make sure there is proper drainage…and just help people out,"  said Dr. Koehn.

He was talking about the standing water right out of his business, but he wasn't sitting still just because the sun was out on Friday.

"I just don't want to have to wait until you'll trying to have an emergency…or you're trying to bring your animal in and you can't get through the road," he said.

Dr. Koehn stayed on top of the water problem for the sake of his clients and his business.

Even though the Big Muddy is not far from the animal clinic, it's not the river bringing the problems.

Engineer for the City of Murphysboro, Ted Beggs with JT Blankeship, agreed his flooding may not even be directly correlated to the river.

"You can have areas of localized flooding not really related to the river level itself…flash flooding…and there can be areas of that spread around in pockets," he said.

"Sometimes you get a lot of rain in short amount of time and it's more than the stormwater facilities can withstand," Beggs said.

After the many rainy days, both Koehn and Beggs can really use a break.

In fact, Koehn said, "I wish for it to stop certainly…so things can dry out and river levels can go down…and everybody can travel around like they want to" and Beggs said, "Once we get through this…things will start picking up and I think sunny days are ahead".

Beggs suggested drivers keep an eye on the river levels and be aware of the water over the roadways and the dangers associated with that and don't drive through standing water on the roads.

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