Easter basket items can harm your pets

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Easter is just around the corner and veterinarians are warning pet owners about common items found around the holiday that could put your furry friend in danger.

Dr. Ann Seabaugh at La Croix Pet Hospital said the number one call they get after the Easter holiday is animals eating chocolate.

The darker the chocolate the more toxic it can be to animals, and if your animal does get their paws on chocolate call your vet as soon as possible, Dr. Seabaugh said.

She also warned against the fake grass you might put in your child's Easter basket because if your animal consumes it, it could cut up their intestines.

She said even Easter plants can be harmful, "Easter lilies are very toxic to cats and you won't see so much the gastrointestinal but days later they will go into renal failure or kidney failure and then you're looking at either long-term renal diets, IV fluids to support them through the initial insult and they may not recover."

Dr. Seabaugh also said 80% of bunnies that are rehomed were meant to be Easter gifts. She reiterated bunnies, chicks or ducks should not be given as gifts.

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