Bifocal Implants for Cataract Patients

Bifocal Implants for Cataract Patients
By: Wendy Ray

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --Your vision isn't always perfect after surgery to remove cataracts, but now there's a new bifocal implant that's helping cataract patients see better. Dr. Charles Cozean says to his knowledge, he's one of the first surgeons in the country to do this procedure.

Betty Henson started noticing problems with her vision last year. "My daughter was in the hospital in St. Louis last year. I was driving back and forth and I noticed I was having trouble seeing," Henson says. Betty had a cataract in her left eye. Dr. Cozean removed it, then implanted a new bifocal implant. "What we're going to do is replace the natural lens of the eye with a second generation bifocal," he says.

The implant is put through the same incision the old lens came out. The first generation bifocal implant came out in the late 80s, but Dr. Cozean says the lens was bigger requiring a bigger incision. The second generation bifocal implant only requires a small incision and technology from the Hubble telescope was used in making it.

Betty's vision quickly improved after surgery. "We operated on Monday, Tuesday she got up, read the paper, and drove herself to work," Dr. Cozean says. "Tuesday I could see so good. It took me a little while to focus, but I was able to see quickly," Betty says.

Dr. Cozean says cataract patients with extremely high far or near sightedness might not be ideal for the bifocal implants.