Dentist dealing with opioid guidelines

(KFVS/CBS News) - The dentist is a place that often leaves us with some pain or discomfort and sometimes dentists will write you a prescription to deal with the pain.

But that could soon change.

This is specifically dealing with dentists prescribing opioids.

The new Policy by the American Dental Association says that opioids can only be prescribed for seven days.

"Opioid is probably the best pain reliever for acute pain which normally should last no longer than two days," said Dr. John Sauer, a dentist in Cape Girardeau. "If you're going over seven days then there's something else wrong."

"As president of the ADA, I call upon dentists everywhere to double down on their efforts to prevent opioids from harming our patients and their families," said ADA President Joseph P. Crowley, D.D.S. "This new policy demonstrates ADA's firm commitment to help fight the country's opioid epidemic while continuing to help patients manage dental pain."

Another dental medical study shows using Tylenol or ibuprofen was "equal if not superior" to opioids.

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