Wet weather complicating southern IL farmer's crop schedules

WHITTINGTON, IL (KFVS) - With a lot of wet weather in the future forecasts, farmers are starting to see setbacks on crop schedules in Southern Illinois.

Owner of Hood Farms in Whittington, Jim Hood, said he is already around 2 weeks behind schedule due to the weather.

Right now, Hood said he and his employees should be spreading nitrogen and other fertilizers on the crop fields to maximize yield during the harvest. He said the problem is soil in the fields being too soft to drive heavy machinery on.

Without being able to go on the fields, farmers are slowly falling behind schedule.

Hood said his crop insurance deadline in April is approaching fast and he's starting to worry. However, he said there's not much you can do when dealing with mother nature.

Hood said the crops have some drainage systems built in, but the amount of moisture in the ground is still too much to get much work done. All they can really do is hope the sun comes out and starts to dry the land up he said.

In the meantime, he and his employees have been tuning up equipment and doing everything else they can to get right to it when the fields dry up.

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