Under-door locking system adding security to Heartland school

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - At Eagle Ridge Christian School, in Cape Girardeau, security is key. They know that the safety of every student is important.

"And honestly it can be a little frightening whenever you hear the things that go on in schools, so we just want to do whatever we can," said Rachael Mellies, a teacher at the school. "We have gotten these barracuda systems that are easy to use, you just slide it under the door."

The school added the system for extra security. Mellies says it gives her peace of mind.

Eagle ridge says they don't have any threats they are currently worried about but they want to make sure that all the kids are safe.

The school bought 25 originally and then added three more to fill every classroom.

Mellies was told that they are the only school in the area that currently uses this type of system.

"Yea we didn't know that we were just like wow, that's pretty awesome," she added. But if we can help other schools out there do the same thing that's an awesome thing too."

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