Local students participating in St. Louis March for Our Lives event

MISSOURI (KFVS) - A group of students and adults from Southeast Missouri will be taking a bus up to St. Louis on Saturday, March 24 to join thousands of demonstrators at one of numerous March for Our Lives rallies happening around in the U.S.

The effort is being organized by students as they are continuing to honor victims of school shootings that have taken place this year, and a push to encourage lawmakers to make regulations to prevent further gun violence in large cities.

"Even though these shootings happened in Florida or the one in Maryland I would say that it affects every high school in America," said Jonah Adams, a junior at Advance High School. "My school has started taking precautions to protect students so we all feel these tragedies."

Adams is part of a generation of young activists who are raising their voices against gun violence, but he thinks every American needs to get active.

"It's important for every citizen no matter what their age to be civically involved, to be active and to have your voice heard," Adams said. "We are guaranteed that right no matter what age you are."

Adams will be joining dozens of people who will be riding up to the St. Louis March for Our Lives rally on Saturday, March 24.

"I think the rally will show how many people are actually for this. How many Missourians want common sense gun control," he said.

Jonathan Kessler is the chairperson of Cape Giraudoux County Democrats and said his group rented the bus as an opportunity for those in Southeast Missouri to join a student-run demonstration.

"This march is to stand up and honor the lives of that were lost and have been lost to gun violence," Kessler said. "We support the protection of the second amendment but to do that we think that it requires universal gun laws that apply to the entire country."

Kessler said his group's in favor of universal background checks, banning assault weapons and bump stocks.

Adams believes now is the time for him and his generation to make a difference.

"I think if we keep on pushing at it if we keep working hard to support the agenda I think a change will eventually come. Most definitely," Adams said.

Those interested in joining the group can buy tickets to claim their spot on the bus at this website.

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