Tax levy hoping to pass in Twin Rivers

(Source: Kelsey Anderson, KFVS)
(Source: Kelsey Anderson, KFVS)

FISK, MO (KFVS) - Leaders in Twin Rivers say they can fix both outdated classrooms and the district stretched across 20 miles if a tax levy for the district passes on April 3.

Superintendent Jeremy Siebert said the schools in Twin Rivers R-X school district are spread out and outdated.

He said that's why they are asking the community to vote yes on a proposed tax levy increase.

"Build a new high school here at Brosley which would connect to this building and our two middle schools which are at Qulin and Fisk would come to the central high school buildings and we would be more centralized with 5th through 12th graders," he explained how the money would be spent.

The 20-year levy would raise property taxes by a dollar-15 for every 100 dollars of assessed value, it's clear not everyone in the district supports the move.

Yard signs refer to it as the largest tax increase in Twin Rivers history.

Siebert said he's heard concerns about the cost, along with the idea of moving younger, middle school students to the same campus as high school students.

But Siebert points out, the move would allow them to shut down one of their cafeterias, which would actually save the district close to 50 thousand a year.

"And by saving money by consolidating this we would be able to join as a community education provision which allows all students to eat for free, which that's a big bonus there," said Siebert.

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