Wealthy candidates in Illinois gubernatorial races expect to hit record spending

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Governor Bruce Rauner and Democratic Challenger JB Pritzker are expected to spend a record amount of money in the race for Illinois top job.

The trend of big pockets taking political office has some voters paying even closer attention to this governor's race. Like Carbondale resident Bill Senteney who says.he's worried about the trend of wealthy people in office.

"I think Illinois has some other power going on other than Democrat or Republican and one of them, of course, is money," he said."The corporations is running everything and it's going on in Illinois too."

Governor Bruce Rauner, a wealthy businessman, is seeking his second term and now running against JB Pritzker, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur.

Jak Tichenor, a political analyst with the political program Illinois Lawmakers, explains why this shouldn't be a surprise.

"It's increasingly common now all spending caps off because of a supreme court a few years ago that basically opened up the floodgates to election spending in this country," said Tichenor.

Another Carbondale resident, who prefers to stay anonymous said, she sees the trend as well.

"A lot of us are tired of billionaires running our govt office because they are the only people that can make it which is the problem with money and politics," she said.

"With Pritzker worth over $3.5 billion and Bruce Rauner comes up close to a billion dollars, it's very hard for somebody to compete in that game," Tichenor adds.

A competition in the multi-millions, especially with the TV ads.

"I'm afraid it won't be an awful lot about the real issues of building a sustainable budget for the state of Illinois, growing jobs in the state of Illinois, it will be more about the personal attack ads of Rauner and Pritzker as they throw dirt at each other."

"Attacks are useless for politics," one lady said. "They usually give us no information about what the candidate about what the candidate will do usually they give us misinformation about who the candidate is. I turn the sound off whenever there is an ad even for people I support."

Tichenor is concerned these candidates have not gone through the traditional public sectors, but voters have hope.

"I just wish we could get the hate out of politics and we could all work together for the good of our community," said the lady.

Tichenor says Rauner and Pritzker are expected to spend more than $300 million in campaign ads, which would set a new record for the gubernatorial contest in the U.S.

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