Secret shopper, work from home scams affect Weakley Co., TN residents

WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN (KFVS) - Scams in Weakley County, Tennessee that work through the mail and target shoppers are making their way around the county.

Deputies stated that the first scam promises you money if you take on a job that requires you to have items sent to your house that you put into another box and send on to another address. Officials said this scam has been used on several people in the last few months.

In this scam, the items were purchased with stolen credit card numbers or fake credit cards or fake pay pal accounts by someone in another state or country according to deputies. Once the items were shipped to the next address they were repackaged again and sent to other locations most of which were overseas.

Officials did not charge the people in Weakley County with a crime because they thought they were working from home and most of them had not been paid any money.

The next scam is a secret shopper program that sends you a check before you do any work. Officials said the scam asks you to deposit those funds into your checking account to purchase items and then send the items to them. The leftover funds are your profits.

Deputies pointed out that the check is not real and the money you are spending is your own money from your checking account. They said it could take days before the check is returned to your bank as no good but by then it's too late. Sometimes they want you to wire money from one location to another to "test" the system.

By the time you get to the second location, it has already been picked up by someone else and your money is gone according to officials.

As a reminder, deputies said the Internal Revenue Service will not call you about money you owe. They will contact you through mail service first. The local police would also never come and arrest you because you owe money to the federal government.

Officials said not to return the call to a number they give you and never give personal information about yourself to someone on the phone that you do not know.

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