Spectator Safety

Spectator Safety
By:  Wes Wallace

Thursday night means T & T night at the Sikeston Drag Strip. It's a 'test and tune' opportunity for those wanting to take part in races held most every Saturday.
"It's fun to get out and about and watch the cars, I really enjoy the sport," says Nathan Eftink, "I'm building my own right now, but I enjoy the atmosphere of just watching."
Eftink knows about the tragic accident last weekend at the Mount Vernon Speedway. Even though it was a dirt track, and the Sikeston Drag Strip is on pavement, Eftink says there's always danger no matter what kind of racing event you go to. "Really there's not a whole lot you can do as a spectator, you know the risks, just try not to sit in the danger spot..move down the middle," he says, "I've seen a few close calls with cars running into the walls, a couple of engines flying apart, but nothing that went into the crowd or nothing too serious"
There's a concrete wall on each side of the drag strip, and a sign warning that racing can be dangerous and deadly as you pull into the Sikeston area venue. In fact, most places require you to sign a waiver upon entering. "Everywhere you go, they'll ask to you to sign in, so you know that once you're inside, you're on your own," explains Mike Burnett, a racer himself and race fan.
As for the incident in Mount Vernon, Burnett says it will make people think more about their safety, but adds, "Racing is something that gets in your blood and it'll be there forever."