Dunklin County Cold Case

Dunklin County Cold Case
By:  CJ Cassidy

A lead on a cold case turns explosive, and a threat to kill police officers in Dexter, brings the bomb squad out and puts some residents out of their homes.

Police from across Southeast Missouri joined forces with the Missouri Highway Patrol, after a Dexter man called and offered to confess to killing a Dunklin County man.  That homicide took place three years ago.

Police say 42-year-old Jimmy Lee Allen's girlfriend was in jail in another county and Allen was hoping to negotiate her release.
Still investigators didn't bite, so Allen then allegedly bragged about some explosives he had, and coupled that with a threat to kill police officers.
Dexter police evacuated the neighborhood where Allen lives Wednesday night.
"Dispatch received a call from a man who said his name was Jimmy Lee Allen and he had murdered Damon Allen in Campbell," Dexter Police Chief Paul Haubold says.
Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder says Jimmy Allen's been a person of interest in the Damon Allen homicide since 2002.

Police say 37-year-old Damon Allen died of trauma to the head.  He was reportedly dating Jimmy Allen's step sister at the time.  "His confession will be noted and a report will be made," Sheriff Holder says.

Back in Dexter, police showed up along with the bomb squad and a robot, at Jimmy Allen's home and came across Allen's father instead.
"I tried to open the door, and I guess the robot had it. When I got the door open, I saw a machine sitting there and I said what did my son get a pressure washer?" Willis Allen says.
Police say a quick search of the house revealed no explosives or weapons.
Jimmy Allen himself is currently in an area hospital. His father who's just visiting, says he doesn't know of any disagreements between his son and Damon Allen.
"I haven't even thought about it I hope not," he said when asked if he thinks his son may have killed Damon Allen.

Meanwhile Sheriff Holder says he's following up on ever lead, hoping to close the cold case.   Holder also says he wants to speak with Jimmy Allen when he's ready to talk.  Meanwhile, Allen's girlfriend is still in the Butler County Jail on seperate charges.