Mechanics busy with alignments during pothole season

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Drive almost anywhere in the Heartland and you will probably find a pothole, or maybe dozens of them depending which road you are on.

What you also might find is that your steering might be a little off after you hit enough of these potholes.

Mechanics at Plaza Tire in Cape Girardeau are busy year round with alignments on vehicles and say this time of year is no different.

"Usually we see about 70% of vehicles that come in the shop will need some type of adjustment," Plaza Tire Manager Robbie Millsaps said.

Mechanics here say it's less cost effective to get your alignment checked and realigned if needed, rather than waiting which could cost you more replacing tires earlier than expected. Millsaps said keeping your car healthy will lead to many more miles down the road.

"For one you want to get the best for your money on your tire purchases on your car," Millsaps said. "Keeping your car in alignment gets you the best tire wear on your tires. It also gets you the best fuel economy that you're vehicle is equipped to have. It also provides the best braking in the vehicle in normal day driving conditions."

Many cities, counties and states have their crews out right now filling and fixing these annoying potholes.

So if you do hit one, there is one quick way to figure out if you need your car adjusted.

"Generally driving the vehicle, there is a small test you can do on your own," Millsaps explains. Taking your hands slightly off the steering wheel for a short period of time, while there are no other vehicles around, and seeing if that car has a pull or drift to one side."

Beyond the potholes, hitting curbs and normal wear and tear on your car can lead to a readjustments as needed as well. It's best to take your car in from time to time to check it and keep it maintained properly.

If you come across a pothole you think is needing fixed, call your city, county or state street departments to alert them so they can come by to check it out and repair them before they become a bigger problem.

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