Mosquito Hawk

Mosquito Hawk
By: Amy Jacquin

You can hardly sit outside for five minutes this time of year without smacking a few mosquitos! An electronic mosquito repeller hopes to join the ranks of the sprays, candles and plants available to help build a barrier between you and those biting bugs. So Amy gives the Mosquito Hawk a test flight.

The Mosquito Hawk is a little, green, battery-operated box and is supposed to send mosquitoes into hiding by mimicking the sound of a dragonfly. Developers say dragonflies are big predators of mosquitoes.

Simply hang Mosquito Hawk on your belt, and turn it on. It makes a soft tap-tap-tap sound. Unarmed, Amy sat down next to a damp ditch along a nature trail in the middle of the woods. Within minutes, mosquitoes swarmed around Amy, on her forehead, cheek, arms and ankles. But she has the Mosquito Hawk in hand, and is ready for them.

"I feel him," she says as a big bug starts biting her forearm. "He's biting me. I'm going to turn the Mosquito Hawk on now... It's on. Ha! It's two inches away, and he's not flying away! Something tells me the Mosquito Hawk isn't having any effect."

Time and time again, the Mosquito Hawk turns into a stool pigeon. She even moves it in closer to the mosquitoes, just in case they're hard of hearing! One bug doesn't budge, instead it stands on it and tries to kick it away!

"This thing is useless," Amy mumbles. "I've had this guy on my arm for two minutes now. My Mosquito Hawk is blaring loudly. I have another one on the back of my elbow. They could care a less about this thing here!"

Amy believes the only way the Mosquito Hawk is going to work is to use it to squash a mosquito! She invented a new grade for the Mosquito Hawk since it's so bad -- it earns an F-! You don't even want to know how to order one of these things!