Missouri House passes bill to require legal names on ballot

Missouri House passes bill to require legal names on ballot
When Gov. Greitens steps down and Mike Parson becomes the new Missouri governor, who will replace Parson?(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A Missouri lawmaker facing a campaign challenge by a professional wrestler is sponsoring a bill to require candidates to use their legal last names or maiden names when running for office.

The House voted 125-26 Monday to send the measure to the Senate.

Republican Rep. Nick Schroer says he proposed the bill after fellow O'Fallon resident Curtis "Wylde" Wells challenged him in 2016. The Democrat ran using his stage name, Curtis Wylde. He's running against Schroer again in November.

The wrestler says he had to prove to the Missouri Ethics Commission that he's known by Wylde in order to be listed on the ballot by that name.

Schroer says requiring legal names would help voters find candidates' court records, but Democratic Rep. Deb Lavender criticized Schroer for targeting his opponent.

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