'Snake Road' reopens to all visitors as serpents slither into nearby swamp

UNION COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The snakes are out of hibernation and on the move in southern Illinois!

For the last two months, reptiles and amphibians in the Shawnee National Forest have migrated from limestone bluffs across what's known as Snake Road in Union County, Illinois.

Now that migration is reaching its end, visitors on foot and drivers are both welcome to see these scaled serpents as they move freely around nearby LaRue Swamp.

CLICK HERE to plan your visit and take a closer look the types of critters you might find slithering around.

A portion of Snake Road is closed to drivers each spring to make sure these critters, some of which are considered threatened and endangered, can safely cross.

As of May 15, the road will reopen to vehicular traffic between milepost 3.0 and milepost 5.8.

In this area, about 66 percent of the amphibians and 59 percent of the reptiles known to occur in Illinois are found here.

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