Hollywood Hits the Heartland

Hollywood Hits the Heartland
By:  Wes Wallace

Cape Girardeau, MO -- Hurray for Hollywood! That's what some film fans are saying after learning a major motion picture will be shot in Cape Girardeau.
"It'll be most exciting to see the fact that the backdrop is Cape," says Alaina Reddick, " I think it'll give people who read the book at chance to actually see what Cape is like."
The book Reddick refers to, is called "Killshot" by Elmore Leonard, and will become a movie by the same name.
The novel is based in Michigan, but the main character spends time working at the Missouri Dry Dock , and there are several reference to Cape Girardeau. Of course there's mention of the Mighty Mississippi, West Park Mall, the Common Pleas Courthouse, and even the KFVS-TV Tower.
Shooting will take place over three days in December or January, and local business owners are hopeful to profit off the movie magic.
"Conservatively, you can expect about a hundred thousand dollars a day," explains Chuck Martin with the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau , "Those numbers come from Jerry Jones with the Missouri Film Convention, and as much as economic impact, we're really excited by the publicity. You can't buy that, and if you could, we certainly couldn't afford it."
Restaurants, a caterer, hotels, hardware stores, shops, and many other businesses could reap the benefits of Killshot setting sights on Cape Girardeau.
The movie is based on a crime novel, staring Diane Lane and a co-star yet to be named.