10 people involved in McCracken Co. crash on I-24

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The McCracken County Sheriff's Department said traffic is backed up on Interstate 24 at exit 3 due to a semi with a flat tire.

The is on the right inside lane of the I-24 Bridge.

Deputies were notified of a motorist assist on the I-24 bridge at approximately 4:47 p.m. Officials said while they were on their way to assist the driver, the vehicle was involved in a multi-vehicle collision.

Two vehicles were directly involved in a collision with the stationary vehicle according to deputies. Three vehicles were involved in a second collision trying to avoid the first wreck.  The involved person involved are as follows:

Metropolis, Illinois residents involved were Dalton Bryant;  Samuel Kralis; Leila Lindquist, Lejay Lindquist; Julie Towery, Britton Towery, Lori Gray and Sadie Gray.

Paducah, Kentucky residents involved were Chyna Hollis and Heidi Yocum.

Leila and Lejay Lindquist were transported by Mercy EMS to an area hospital for treatment of non-incapacitating injuries. The rest sought treatment on their own or were not injured and refused treatment on scene.

At this time both collisions are still under investigation to determine what had to occurred during this incident that involved six different vehicles.

Emergency services are directing traffic, and travel is slowed.

Use caution in the area.

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