Hardin County, IL preps for potential flooding

HARDIN COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - With potential flooding in the forecast for many communities close to the Ohio River, Hardin County is hard at work making sure they prepare correctly.

For the past several days, multiple emergency agencies in the county have been getting together the necessary materials to prepare structures for incoming rain. These include the Sheriff's Department, Fire Department, and the Hardin County Emergency Management.

According to Emergency Management, the county is currently stockpiling sandbags and getting them ready to be used at a moments notice in the event of flooding.

Flood prepping has turned into a community-wide project. The sandbags being used by emergency services are being filled by students at Hardin County K - 12 school. According to Emergency Management, over the past four days, students from agriculture, physical education, and other classes have filled over 50- tons worth the sandbags to be used for the flooding.

"They wanna come out and they wanna get this ready," said agriculture instructor John Hall, "You know, it's their houses, it's their families houses, it's their friends' houses that are in danger."

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