Eldorado Football Coach "Benched"

Eldorado Football Coach "Benched"
By: Carly O'Keefe

ELDORADO, IL --Some football fans and former players are wondering why the Eldorado School Board would suspend a winning coach. Brad Goodley has been the head football coach at the high school for six seasons. He's taken the team to two back-to-back playoff seasons, and now he's suspended with pay, and no one seems to know why.
"It really bothered me that they let him go, because I played for him for four years, and I didn't see anything wrong," said former Eldorado Eagles Quarterback Luis Perez.
In Perez's opinion, the school board should have made any coach shifting decisions before the team began working with Goodley for this upcoming season.
"They had the worst timing, if they were going to let him go, do it before the summer-- they spent the summer in the weight room and doing plays and learning," Perez said.
Former Assistant Coach Jamie Delaunois is taking over as interim head coach. Delaunois says he doesn't even know the reason behind Goodley's suspension.
"I wish these kids and everybody else could know more about it, but we don't. We come to school and practice and try to put things out of our minds," Delaunois said.
Perez says he knows the team is in good hands under Coach Delaunois, but he thinks such a dramatic change will stick in the backs of players' minds throughout the season.
"It'll be more just mental for the guys, just knowing-- who's to say they won't get rid of Coach Delaunois next? The guys are just iffy now," Perez said.